Election Day is done! Time to sleep.

So as everyone has heard (even internationally — oh the shame), Amendment One passed in North Carolina today by an astounding majority, even higher than predicted.  However, I am very pleased to report that it failed failed FAILED in Mecklenburg County.  So there’s that?  I can be proud of our efforts here in the Charlotte area and know that we did our best.  And yes, a 27.45% turnout is fantastic for a primary!  As sad as that sounds.  We’re obviously not France.

Here’s what I think one of the main problems was: people didn’t understand the full consequences of it and/or couldn’t see past the media and proponent’s constant framing of it as a gay marriage issue.  That is, unfortunately, already illegal in the state, and this went so much farther that I don’t see how it would ever hold up against the 14th Amendment.  I would love an unmarried, long-term committed heterosexual couple with 2.5 kids to take it to the Supreme Court and have it blasted into oblivion for how atrocious for everyone it really is.  But we tried, oh we tried, to get people to listen to reason and it paid off!  Just…Mecklenburg County isn’t enough in and of itself.

In addition, I’ve had an actual paid job on a campaign for county commissioner for the last 3 weeks.  He didn’t win today so I’m again unemployed.  But hey, that’s 3 weeks of income I didn’t have before and 3 weeks of invaluable experience teaching me that I NEVER WANT TO RUN FOR OFFICE.  But if anyone needs a campaign assistant (*cough* manager), give me a call.  

Okay, so my job isn’t actually over.  There are yard signs all over the county I have to help pick up and thank yous for contributions to be done and campaign finance reports to finalize and a long list I don’t want to think about.

But tomorrow I get to sleep in.  Boss said so.